Every Picture Tells a Story – And the Winner is …

It seems like it’s taken forever to make this announcement but, at the same time, it only feels like a few days ago we announced the opening of the ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’ fanfiction writing challenge.

We’d like to congratulate the champion of our challenge!
She won the public poll with 27% of of voters choosing her Southern Vampire Mysteries fic Heart’s Desire as their favourite!
Tradermare is now the proud owner of a $50 Amazon.com gift certificate!

In second place – Forbidden Fangs Twilight fic The letter with 20% of the vote.

In Third place – rbsschess Twilight fic Bloody but not Broken with 18% of the vote.

FiniteAnarchy wrote the SVM entry Dead Memories
Aspect1 wrote the Hunger Games entry Winter and a Tree
Sheba6086 wrote the SVM entry Rainbow
Merick wrote the Torchwood entry Jack & Jack
Indigo-Night-Wisp wrote the Supernatural entry Trip Trap and the Sherlock entry Little Brothers and Other Awkward Conversation Topics
Louise Clark wrote the Twilight entry Blood and Honor
Musicalwritingbookworm wrote the Twilight entry Four Bases
SHL wrote the Sons of Anarchy entry The Teenage Love Affair on a Bike

We hope that all of the authors post their entries to their own profiles so we can add them to our FFnet community

Again, we’d like to thank all of the authors who took part in this challenge and hope to see them back for our next fanfiction writing challenge. We’d like to thank all of the eager readers who put our FFnet profile on alert so they wouldn’t miss any of the entries and we’d also like to thank all of the readers who took the time to vote for their favourite entry in the poll.

I think the ‘Mommy’ of this challenge – Jaxg deserves a big round of applause for coming up with the idea for the challenge and finding such wonderful photo prompts for everyone.

Keep an eye out for our next fanfiction writing challenge – the Random*Fandom Halloween Monster Mash – a multi-fandom cross-over challenge! You can subscribe to this page so we’ll email you whenever we post about this exciting new challenge!

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